1. “Fingers Ablaze” (TIME Magazine, November 1995: Lecuona Piano Music Vol CD chosen as one of the ten best recordings of 1995 from all musical  categories)
  2. “He has a big technique. Just how big became evident.” (The New York Times)
  3. “His Performances have reached legendary status.” “Tirino strikes the right balance of zest and tender lyricism.” (Miami Herald, Florida)
  4. “Tirino stands out as one of the major musical events in the life of the city” (St. Petersburg Express, St. Petersburg, Russia)
  5. “The Latin Lover” “His cut-glass virtuosity and wickedly seductive charm are Truly formidable”. (Gramophone Magazine International)
  6. “The Gypsy King” “Tirino gave the most dazzling displays of prestidigitation heard  all year” (Sun-Sentinel Times, Fort Lauderdale, Florida)